1. At Clifton Real Estate we thrive on giving our clients a stress-free investment property experience.

    Each property receives personalized care from our Property Management team, and a plan designed to maximize return and maintain long-term tenancy.

    Over the past ten years we’ve held an average gross yield of 5.28%, which is higher than Toowoomba, and long term capital gains of 3.7%, which is the equivalent. (results from Price Finder) We’ve also had a proven record of low vacancy rates in the properties we manage.

    Clifton Investment Properties

    But we aren’t ones to rest on our laurels. We consistently look for new ways to enhance the experiences of both tenant and landlord to ensure happy, reliable, and long-term contracts.

    Clifton Real Estate Investment Property

    We currently have ten investment properties available on the Darling Downs. They are fully tenanted and provide an annual rent up to $15,600. Prices range from $160,000 (2-bedroom apartment) to $299,000 (4-bedroom home on large block). We’ll let you do the math, but you could own two of these for the same investment dollar in the city. The lower entry value gives first time investors an opportunity to start their real estate portfolios.

    Clifton Investment Property

    For further information contact us at 07 4612 3779 or say hello on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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