Peter and Jackie Cooke come home to Clifton Real Estate


As Eugene Hollis-Neath, former owner of Clifton Real Estate, hands over the reigns to new owners Peter and Jackie Cooke, he is relieved to know that the values of community and family will remain the same.

“We’ve been family oriented and believe in supporting local businesses and local community groups,” Hollis-Neath said. “Jackie and Peter are ideally suited. They’re local, they know the region, they know the people, and their family are here. They’re just following in our shoes and doing it better.”

Hollis-Neath ran Clifton Real Estate for eleven years after original owner Rod Frahm.

Rod Frahm’s devotion to the Clifton community was embraced by Hollis-Neath, and is now passed along to Peter and Jackie Cooke.

“It’s been motivational, really,” Hollis-Neath said. “We’ve had confidence in the region, confidence that it’s going to keep growing. It’s important that local identities carry on local businesses.”

Peter Cooke is the fifth generation of Cookes to live and work in the Clifton area. Although Peter has renovated and sold several homes, his main work experience lies in managing agricultural businesses in Clifton and Western Queensland, work that has given him a deep understanding of the needs of rural landowners.

It’s this understanding that inspired Peter and Jackie to purchase Clifton Real Estate and begin the year long transition process.

“Peter just came along at the right time,” Hollis-Neath said. “He is local and a good communicator, young and vibrant. It’s a good time for them with a young family.”

Enhancing the quality of their family life was vital to Jackie, who’d previously spent two hours a day commuting between home, school, and work.

“We were very much attracted to this for family lifestyle,” Jackie said. “We have a lot more quality time at home instead of in the car.”

Taking the original business and making it thrive was the hope of Hollis-Neath, and the Cooke’s have embraced the challenge, increasing their marketing, building a social network online, and hiring new staff so each member has the time they need to do their job well.

“We wanted more feet on the ground so that agents have got a manageable work load,” Peter said, “and more time to focus on their properties.”

As Clifton Real Estate continues to grow, Peter and Jackie Cooke are excited to enhance their community involvement and support the businesses and community groups that make this area great.

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